Who are we?

Architectural rendering studio specialized in 3D visualization, we provide services worldwide.

arch time

Our experience

We have extensive experience in the architecture sector, with more than 7 years working with BIM methodology.

New technologies

We are passionate about new technologies, which makes us research new products and ways of working that are more efficient and more helpful to clients.

Architecture and people

In addition to providing greater ease to companies in the development of their projects and ideas, we like to provide services that help bring architecture closer to its end users.
So that they can visualize in a simple way the proposals of the professionals.

Our history

We come from different sectors of the world of architecture, from more technical profiles such as safetiness on construction site, to the drafting and design of projects.

We have more than 7 years of experience in the development of architectural projects and facilities using BIM methodology, as well as consulting and BIM Management.

This experience made us realize the importance of working tools for greater efficiency and communication with clients.

Because of this, and as we are passionate about architecture and new technologies, we began to investigate new forms of representation that are simple and intuitive.

This allows us to bring architecture closer to everyone and make it easier to design and develop projects.

Render sobre nosotros arch time de un escritorio con un ordenador, gafas de realidad virtual, móvil y tablet